“In The Heights” Cast Members Perform in Washington Heights

Since “In The Heights” won the the Tony Award for Best Muscial winning best musical, the cast has been busy showing off their skills.  Click on the picture to watch Janet Dacal and Christopher Jackson perform at the 3rd annual Taste of the Heights food fair.  Lin-Manuel Miranda — the creator, composer, lyricist and lead male role — introduced the pair.

Free posters that were given away at the performance.

Free posters that were given away at the performance.


Meeting Tackles 181st Gridlock

Imagine 181st Street clear of buses and parked cars. Imagine a bike lane. Imagine clean air.

A group of Washington Heights residents, most who live near the busy street, met with representatives of the Department of Transportation, the Metropolitan Transit Authority and an urban planning consulting firm to brainstorm solutions to reduce congestion.

Click here for the .pdf of the article published in the Manhattan Times.

Worried about Economy, NY Latino Barber for Obama

Not every New Yorker supports their hometown politician. Mr. Luis Cordova, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, would like to see Barack Obama win the presidency.

Click on image for audio slideshow (total running time: 1 min 41 secs)

Hip Hop, Dominicans Style. Part 1.

Dominicans, from the island, from New York or as far away as Spain, use the vehicle of Hip Hop to tell their stories. El Lapiz Conciente, which translates to “The Pencil,” comes from the rough streets of Los Minas in the capital city of Santo Domingo.

El Lapiz came to New York this week to perform at Umbrella’s in Inwood and here’s what a fan, Carlos, had to say.


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