Cruz is Not the New Smith

On Saturday, November 17 the NY Times reported that for the first time two Latino surnames were amongst the most popular in the United States. The names ‘Rodriguez’ and ‘Garcia’ are eight and nine, respectfully. But what about ‘Cruz?’

The Census Bureau’s Genealogy site listed Cruz at #82. That’s after 13 other Latino surnames including ‘Martinez’ (11), Sanchez (33) and even Gomez (69). Cruz, though not as popular yet, climbed 36 spots. That’s an increase of 30%. It may not be the Latino Smith, but Cruz beat out Hughes, Price and Myers. Way to go Cruz!

Penelope Cruz in Volver

Though Cruz did not make the top twenty there are 164,000,000 entries with the name Cruz in Of course, Penelope Cruz helped popularize the name on the site. Also, salsa diva the late Celia Cruz and Dominican beauty Queen (and my namesake) Claudia Cruz come up in the search.