Obama’s Outreach in What Was Hailed as Hillary’s Ohio

On a brisk Saturday afternoon, Amy Rock and Dottie Dutro set up a table and two chairs in front of Bettys Fine Food and Spirits. Rock couldn’t find the banner she had to hang over the table, but instead she made do with handmade posters and blue painters tape. Rock, who pulled out hand warmers from her box of supplies, offered them to Dutro who declined.

“I’m dressed for 20 below,” Dutro said. I can be here all night.”

Amy Rock and Dottie Dutro set-up Obama table in Columbus' Short North district.

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NH Presidential Campaign Coverage

This weekend, reporters from all over the country descended on New Hampshire to cover the first presidential primary of the campaign season. Today the candidates and their legions of volunteers scoured the state to convince undecided voters to choose them.

Several people, including Soledad Guzman Salazar, already knew that she wanted to vote for Barack Obama. Others, like Frank Hotchkiss of the United SteelWorkers, came to the City of Manchester to encourage voters to choose John Edwards.

Soledad Guzman Salazar

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