Politics Move to the Left in Miami

Vacations to Southern Florida usually involve visits to the beach, bike or boat rides through alligator territory, or day cruises to the Bahamas. Seldom do sun seekers engage in local politics. But if they did, the experience would not compare to a day at the spa.

Miami-Dade County includes the cities of Miami, Miami Beach, Hialeah, and Homestead, among many others. In these areas, political discussions make and break friendships along party lines. Everyone understood that politics ruled theirs lives, but most pretended it didn’t. And for good reason.

Map of Miami

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Commentary: Race Ain’t Nothing but a Number

In the past couple of decades, a gradual increase can be seen not only in the purchasing power of Latinos, but in the efforts of marketers to reach their wallets.

The Wall Street Journal’s article yesterday entitled “Pitches to Hispanics Get More Nuanced” highlighted that though at one point marketers for companies like General Motors created advertisements in Spanish for the Latino community, now their marketing has begun to include English. This change has occurred because GM and other American companies have finally realized (and believe in) the heterogeneity of the Latino community.

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