First came the flood, then the metro

The recent overflows of the Isabela River flooded the homes of the residents of La Zurza in the northeast region of the capital city of the Dominican Republic. Now the threat for residents, who have chosen to return to the water’s edge, comes from the construction of the roadway adjacent to the new metro line, which the city plans to place on the same land.

Diario Libre

OPRET begins to build in La Zurza. Courtesy: AT/Diario Libre

The Office for the Reordering of Public Transportation, known locally as OPRET, stated that 176 families would be relocated to new homes being built near the site. However, the residents in La Zurza worry that recent delays in the construction of the apartment buildings mean that they will not have safer homes in time before the first wave of tropical storms hit the island.

Meanwhile, the non-profit agency, Institute for Integral Dominican Development, IDDI, announced the investment of $40 million pesos for workshops to teach residents of vulnerable areas about emergency preparedness had begun. The strategies, which have already begun to take place in La Zurza, include a siren and evacuation system managed by the residents themselves.