Young Jayaraman, Ohio Delegate for Clinton

At a coffee shop in Columbus, Ohio, a young man ordered a mystical mind mango smoothie. Clad in a long black wool overcoat, mint green collared shirt and white tie, he introduced himself with a nervous laugh.

“I’ve never been interviewed before,” said Shekar Jayaraman, 21, a delegate for Hillary Clinton in Ohio. “I wasn’t sure how to prepare.”

Born to immigrants from India, Jayaraman spoke like an old political professional about his interest in civil rights and his desire to be a public servant. A senior at The Ohio State University in Columbus, who double majored in political science and international studies, he commuted two hours home to Cincinnati on weekends to campaign for delegate, a task he said he took seriously.

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Obama’s Outreach in What Was Hailed as Hillary’s Ohio

On a brisk Saturday afternoon, Amy Rock and Dottie Dutro set up a table and two chairs in front of Bettys Fine Food and Spirits. Rock couldn’t find the banner she had to hang over the table, but instead she made do with handmade posters and blue painters tape. Rock, who pulled out hand warmers from her box of supplies, offered them to Dutro who declined.

“I’m dressed for 20 below,” Dutro said. I can be here all night.”

Amy Rock and Dottie Dutro set-up Obama table in Columbus' Short North district.

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Politics Move to the Left in Miami

Vacations to Southern Florida usually involve visits to the beach, bike or boat rides through alligator territory, or day cruises to the Bahamas. Seldom do sun seekers engage in local politics. But if they did, the experience would not compare to a day at the spa.

Miami-Dade County includes the cities of Miami, Miami Beach, Hialeah, and Homestead, among many others. In these areas, political discussions make and break friendships along party lines. Everyone understood that politics ruled theirs lives, but most pretended it didn’t. And for good reason.

Map of Miami

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To Like or Not Like Hill, Despite Bill

At the Lucky Dog bar and grill on Main Street in Plymouth, New Hampshire, this Sunday night’s special included a new item: Bill Clinton. The visit surprised most locals who had come to the spot to eat, drink and watch playoff football.

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