Yvette Clarke Poll Site Sighting

NEW YORK — Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, the federal representative for the 11th district in Brooklyn, stopped by the Van Dyke II polling site in her district on Super Tuesday. With her Hillary Clinton button on her lapel, Clarke walked around inside and spoke to some of the workers at the tables. Afterwards, she walked over to the Mother Rose Gaston Senior Center to speak to the folks there.


Click here for an audio slideshow with Clarke. Despite how other New York politicians voted, Clarke said that she backed Hillary Clinton because of her record as senator of New York, her defense of universal healthcare, and her struggle for economic equality.“She has come forth with some of the best plans,” said Clarke. “Given her tenure in the White House with President Clinton, she knows how to deliver.”


A young constituent stopped Clarke on her way to the senior center. Her question: as far as employment for youth in the community, how will that go?The congresswoman’s response, though enthusiastic and optimistic, seemed like a far-fetched response to the teenager’s question.“We are trying to get summer jobs put into the economic stimulus package at the federal level,” said Clarke. “If that comes through, we would be able to work with the community-based organizations to place our young people in working positions.”


Clarke didn’t tell or explain to the inquisitive teen the uphill battle that lay ahead. Pork barrel spending, budget allocations that politicians seek to appease their constituents, are at the root of party politics – and these elections. Come November, if the fiscally conservative McCain wins, federal funding for summer jobs for teenagers in Brownsville might disappear altogether.Still, Clarke remained optimistic with Hillary Clinton’s chances of beating the youth-driven Barack Obama.“She’s blogging, she’s on the net, she’s everywhere, Clarke said. “I think that is exciting a lot of young people.”


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