Red, White and Who?

Super Tuesday Votes as Diverse as New Yorkers

NEW YORK — New Yorkers like competition, especially when their team or party wins. At one polling site in Brownsville, Brooklyn, voters braved the balmy weather to support the Democratic candidates, Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.


Ramon Veras, 63, came to the United States from the Dominican Republic in 1983. He became a citizen in 1996 because “after one’s entire family is here, now one is part of this country.”

Veras, who voted for Hillary Clinton, said he wanted the war in Iraq to end.

“Perhaps as president, Clinton can help end the war,” he said. “A country does not progress in war.”

As a retiree, Veras lives off the pension he received from the Global Steel Corporation. However, he believes the elderly should be better taken care of.

“Someone should live better in their old age,” said Veras. “Presidents need to be more careful with public funds because it affects the older generation.”

Outside of the Van Dyke II Senior Center polling site, a few voters said that they wanted either Clinton or Obama to win, but a few related strongly to Obama’s message about change.


An Obama voter, army veteran Bufford McDowell, 76, seemed concerned that the country would not elect Obama in November. He said the country was not ready for a Black man. Still McDowell, a former member of the Signal Corp – a communications unit of the military – gave Obama his support because he felt Obama shared his ideas.

“He’s talking about a change,” said McDowell. “His ideas seem more appropriate than the other party’s.”

Long time friends, L. Merritt and N. Hall, worried most about healthcare and bringing the troops home. Hall, 72, echoed Merritt’s reasons for supporting Obama. She also agreed with Merritt about the current split in the Black vote.

“They like both (candidates) for different reasons,” said Merritt. “I think they like Hillary Clinton because of Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was a great president.”


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