Hip Hop is not dead: Introducing Arianna Puello

Dominicans from the island, from New York City or as far away as Spain use the vehicle of Hip Hop to tell their stories. Arianna Puello, went to Spain at the age of eight and influenced by the struggles of women and immigrants, she began to share her experience through rap. Recently, I conducted a phone interview with Arianna, whose fourth album will be released in 2008. Click here to hear her promote a clip from a track in the new album “13 Razones” (“13 Reasons” in English). Her son has a cameo in the background.

Arianna Puello

3 Responses

  1. I think the work you are generating is good. Your interest in urban life makes me feel great. It is so important for people to be able to connect to the publishers work, and you are providing a very stimulating avenue to walk down. Cool!


    The childhood Vandal

  2. Kick-ass! ¡A mí me encanta Ari!! ¿Dónde se puede escuchar the entirety of this interview?

  3. ari me gusta tu stilo esta rifado y felicidads x tu bb

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