Hip Hop, Dominicans Style. Part 1.

Dominicans, from the island, from New York or as far away as Spain, use the vehicle of Hip Hop to tell their stories. El Lapiz Conciente, which translates to “The Pencil,” comes from the rough streets of Los Minas in the capital city of Santo Domingo.

El Lapiz came to New York this week to perform at Umbrella’s in Inwood and here’s what a fan, Carlos, had to say.


People stood on line patiently waiting to get in. Cars circled around the block checking out the scene. Cops watched both the cars and the people.

The line

Those outside agreed that El Lapiz has a lot of talent and that he kept things real because he raps about what he knows and how he grew up.


Someone uploaded a video of El Lapiz’ performance on YouTube. Check it out and decide for yourself.


3 Responses

  1. Lapiz is ttrash,he got ran out of the club,he soft………he need to fall back before he get a big city beating!!!!!!!!!! He aint got nothing on ”la maravilla” ARCANGLE pa prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr­at

  2. bueno arcangel y el lapiz se tiran porque ellos kieren they both good on music i like both of them. people dicen que el lapiz le tira ala maravilla because he is boricua but arcangel le tiro primero porke loben bien pegao arcangel solo se pego porque de santo domingo sefue pa puerto rico, arcangel is dominican too so he better stop talking shit about pesos dominicanos porque nosotros si somos del cayejon papa. WELL I LOVE ALL ARCANGEL SONG I LOVE IT AND I LOVE HIM TOO SO ARCANGEL Y EL LAPIZ BETTER STOP WITH THE LETTLE KIDS SHIT………….LOL

  3. El Lapiz has became a pretty known personage from the DR thats why has been having so much problems with other street singers from the Dominicans street like Vaquero and Puertorican hip hop singers like Arcangel. I think its because of envy you don’t see a Dominican rapper like El Lapiz succeed the way he has been doing it. I am very proud of him.

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