The Online World

In my interactive class on thursday, 09/13, we spoke about the relationship between bloggers and professional journalist. In Prof. Jeff Jarvis‘ ideal world, there would be professional bloggers longside professional journalists working together to deliver the news. How to create a cuadre of professional bloggers might be up to us. In class Jarvis spoke about how Journalism aims to give a community the news in a better way and that we as young journalist should think about our relationship with the community and how we can make it better. Help it organize what it aleady knows.

Examples of organizing around a community are sites like Digg and Flickr. Flickr for instance tracks the viewing of certain photographs that are posted on its site, particularly photos tagged or commented on by complete strangers. After enough tracking, Flickr notices certain conversations taking place or certain common interests. This is online market research. Another fascinating area of market research and how it drives the changes in traditional media are sites like Blip.

New things that interactive journalism can add to the world are:

Better maps tools
Expand via link
Include conversation
Aggregation (of news, like topics)
Colloboration (w/ pros, ams, gather data, new voices, share the work, editing)
Reach more people

The structure of a online story is different. The background section could be a link to the original site, the original source, a biography, other points of views (competitors), or even other blogs.


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